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I. Clients can place orders and hire us to deliver and/or pick-up rentals at the event location.

i. The minimum rental order amount requirement is $400. This does not include the damage protection or delivery fee. 

ii. Delivery and pick up services are based off of mileage.

iii. There is an additional $150 charge for pick-ups after 9 pm.

iv. After 7:00PM, pick-ups must be approved and may require an additional charge.

II. Cost for delivery service is determined by:

i. Size of order.

ii. Required use of van, trailer, or both

iii. Time and labor involved in preparing and packing our delivery truck before the event

iv. Time and mileage in gas traveling to the event location, and back to our home base. Our showroom is located in Nevada, Missouri.

v. Unloading items off the truck at the event venue.

vi. Time and labor to unload the truck and organize rentals.

vii. All necessary moving supplies.

viii. Delivery does NOT include styling unless purchased

III. The Knack Company require adequate access to the delivery site. If such access is not available, the client must inform us as additional manpower/time will be required for delivery. Failure to notify us of such delivery conditions may result in additional fees.

V. We require clients to have rentals packed and ready for pick-up at the agreed-upon scheduled time.

VI. At the designated time of pick-up, our staff will pack and load your rental order.

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